Not just a cooking class, Island Organics is SO much more than that. I cannot express enough how amazing this company is not only with the quality of their food and how they treat their clients, but also in their philosophy. Built on site is a modern organic farm providing all the ingredients they need for their classes, but also aquaponic units, hydroponic farms and a mushroom growing warehouse.

Their aim is to become as self sufficient as possible, so not only will you learn how to make great food in a sustainable way, you will also be able to take home techniques to revolutionise your own garden. By far the best on the island and possibly in Thailand, book yourself in advance as they fill up as quickly as we do!

animal cruelty free tours


Observing elephants without invading their personal space and daily routines is truly a privilege worth experiencing while in Thailand. There are places that offer travellers the chance of getting close to them all throughout the country and even a few of them here on Samui! But we want to make an honorable mention to two places that do so ethically and safely as for both the elephants and travellers that are just visiting: Samui Elephant Sanctuary and Samui Elephant Heaven.

Both of these places specialise in taking in (often) abused and mistreated elephants and giving them a chance to be true to their very nature, once again. Some of these gentle giants have gone through a lot, and these two places allow guests to observe their habits and lifestyle without negatively interfering in their routines.


where to stay in Koh Samui: villas!


Koh Samui is known for its gorgeous beaches, low wave seas and spectacular views in the gulf. It’s also mined with plenty of places to stay. However, if what you are looking for is a home away from home, something private, with a fantastic view and without all the hustle and bustle of a resort, you might want to consider staying at a Villa. These spacious and abundantly comfortable properties enhance your vacation by giving them a touch of coziness and exclusivity. If you haven’t booked a place where to stay, check out at Clickstay villas in Thailand



Lucky Charms Animal Aid

Dog and cat charity on Koh Samui.jpg

Abandoned dogs and cats on Koh Samui need your help! Please pledge as much as you can afford to help an island wide neutering program for dogs and cats and providing food and medicine for all the strays on the Island. The owner, Dara is the single most dedicated person we have ever met to the welfare of all the strays on the island and many of them are in a bad way!

One week of food for puppies alone!

One week of food for puppies alone!

Unfortunately, Koh Samui has a major issue with the growing population of un-spayed dogs and cats on the island, abandoned by locals and expats alike they face an uncertain future!

If you guys have any money spare after your holiday you might consider donating some of it to Dara to continue the great work he does on the island

You can find the link to the official Facebook page here