You Got Questions, We Got Answers!

Are these Experiences going to burn a hole in my pocket?

Nope. Let me quickly run you through the prices, make a few comparisons, and hopefully blow your mind ─ metaphorically speaking, of course, unless you’re into spice!
A question: How much would you say a 15-course meal, with three free cocktails included, would cost you, back home? $100? Probably more! Well, we offer two separate experiences which, I promise, will not cost you as much, and are far more entertaining!

The Thai Experience costs, per person, just 1990 baht (roughly $66 USD), and includes transport costs too; we’ll pick you up, sit you down, fill you up, and take you back ─ though, we won’t tuck you in, sorry guys!

On The Road is our brand new offering. Do you fancy going out for dinner and wobbling your way back home, or have you got a beachside villa on Koh Samui and fancy a takeaway? Step up your food-game and call The Thai Experience to liven up your night.
You can book us for a private party which can start at any time between 6 and 9 pm. Drop into our HQ or we’ll bring the party to your parlour!

What’s the cost? Just 2790 baht per head and you’ll get the 15-course meal and an unlimited supply of cocktails ─ we’ll even give you a free bamboo straw to boot!

Party Time, Who to Invite?

We’ve all come across this conundrum before… who do I want to have fun with? Well, lucky for you, we don’t have a minimum number! Bring your friends, family, that fella you met last night, for all we care. Just make sure you have at least six people and our all-star team will give you a good time.

If you can’t book it up with your own squadron, no worries here. We’ll do our best to fill out the rest. Remember then, you’ll be seated with others who need their tastebuds titillated with Thai tasties too.

Is this a cooking class?

No! We are not a cooking class, throughout the evening you will learn about the cuisine you are eating, and have a hand in making your own dressings, but all of the dishes are lovingly created by our team of highly skilled chefs.

Transportation, What’s the Deal?

Well, it’s included!

Depending on your location, it could take anywhere up to or just over an hour from pick-up to the dinner table. If you’ve gone with The Thai Experience package, your transportation will be timed for you to arrive at 6:45 pm and you’ll be whisked away around 10 pm when we finish up!

Sawadee Ka, Khrup, or Just ‘Hello’?

All of The Thai Experience dinners are emceed by our fabulously entertaining host in English. It’s a pretty universal language and we would advise that you have a moderate understanding of the English language so that you can interact with all of the hosts, guests around the table, and get involved with the cocktail-making classes.

Glitz ‘n’ Glam or Dirty Hands

Look, we’d rather you didn’t turn up with dirty hands, but feel free to wear whatever you like. Our personal preference is smart casual ─ and that is exactly how most guests arrive.

Is Tax Included in The Price?

Oh, yes! No hidden fees here. We’re breaking away from the Koh Samui norm and including any tax or additional charges in the overall price.

Special Dietary Requirements? We’ve Got You Covered!

Don’t you worry, if you’ve got some special requirements, our chefs can cater for the majority of them! Please do let us know in advance, though, so that we can get in the right bits ‘n’ bobs to give you a truly unique Thai Experience.