Mango Colada!

Our welcome cocktail, a coconut and mango juice and rum shaken together. Our version of a piña colada!

The Welcome Cocktail


Mekhong rum

Mango juice

Coconut milk

Ginger syrup


1.5 oz

1 oz

1 oz

0.5 oz


1. Cut 100 gs of ginger in thin slices with the skin on. In a pot place 1kg of sugar and 1lt water and let it come to a boil. Once the syrup is boiling and all the sugar has dissolved, add the sliced ginger and let it boil for 2 more minutes. Let it cool down with the ginger. Once the mix is cold, remove the ginger through a strainer and reserve until needed.

2. Place all the ingredients in a shaker, add abundant ice and shake vigorously for 10 seconds. Strain into a champagne flute.

3. For a jug multiply the recipe as many times as needed into a jug. Shake 3oz of the mix and pour to a champagne flute.